Reinventing The Business

Business Relocation

Relocation can be a considerable challenge for any business, large or small. If the move has the added complication of being to a different part of the country, there are also significant staff issues to be handled as well. Anticipating the legal, logistical and human aspects of a business relocation well in advance of the actual move is critical to avoiding crisis management and disruption to business as usual operations.

How We Can Help

Our experience, based on managing relocation projects as varied in scale from 30 to 500 staff, is that the key to success lies in good planning, excellent communication, both internally and externally, and having the knowledge to deal with the unfamiliar demands of specialist third parties, such as commercial property agents, building contractors, commercial lawyers, facilities managers and IT infrastructure consultants, to name a few.

Whether you are relocating a business to another building in the same locality or contemplating a move wider afield, we can project manage the overall transfer of your people, facilities and technology services with the minimum disruption to business as usual operations.