The Engine Room of Change

Coaching and Mentoring

Used specifically in talent management and to reinforce learning, coaching is a cost-effective tool, because it is carefully targeted to the individual's needs, while mentoring is about the transfer of knowledge and shared experiences.

How We Can Help

We provide a safe environment for one-to-one coaching of key people within your company to help them develop the skills and resourcefulness they need to succeed. Our coaching programme starts by understanding corporate objectives and assessing individual characteristics and skill levels. A tailor-made, practical coaching approach follows to develop the full potential of your team with regular checks back to ensure successful alignment of business and individual objectives.

As mentors our primary role is to understand your business and provide insights into possible strategies from our own experience and what we have seen working in other organizations. We work closely with you to understand your expertise, capabilities and aspirations for the business, then to help develop a workable plan of action that will stretch, but not over-extend, your organization. In the background we act as confidential sounding board and advisors when you need help, without the pressure of being judged by your peers.

For members of a project team we can develop programmes to ensure effective knowledge transfer and coaching so that your people continue to spread good habits and management disciplines once they are returned to operational areas.