The Engine Room of Change

Employee Engagement

Projects offer an ideal environment for employee engagement because with effective feedback and communication staff can see a direct correlation between their efforts and the success of the programme. Capturing this dedication and enthusiasm and ensuring it remains once the project has been successfully concluded provides sustained benefits to the project staff and to the jobs they go on to do on a more permanent basis.

How We Can Help

Our employment engagement programmes typically combine communication packages to help you to manage your key messages relating to the organization as a whole and the business drivers around the project in particular; the reworking of the psychological contract between you and your team to ensure high retention rate, possibly using highly tailored incentives; and effective feedback to your key staff to emphasise their importance to you and to generate dedication and commitment back.

We can use our combination of skills in business psychology and programme management to provide a bespoke service, reflecting the unique nature of your organization and the strategic project that is so critical to the success of your business. An independent viewpoint can prove instrumental in helping individuals to speak freely, listen to corporate messages and feel confident about sharing ideas and experiences. Overall employee engagement is about delivering staff effectiveness by offering a stimulating environment where creativity and hard work are encouraged and rewarded.