Reinventing The Business

Transformation Planning

Transformation planning is about translating the overall vision of what the business should look like once transformed into a set of robust, inter-related projects with clearly defined goals. The work spent on thoroughly planning the work at this stage will pay huge dividends further downstream in the transformation process and should never be under-estimated.

How We Can Help

Transformation planning starts with the development and evaluation of strategic options to deliver the vision. Using a range of "best of breed” tools and techniques we work closely with the executive team to evaluate the alternatives, taking into account the organization's risk appetite and readiness for change.

We then guide translation of the chosen strategy into a programme of work that will cover the creation of relevant projects, selection of appropriate resources, technologies and facilities. Our long experience of operating at board level means that we can also prepare and deliver the robust business case needed to provide assurance to the ultimate decision-makers.