Reinventing The Business

Transition Management

Business transition management encompasses all those activities surrounding the sale, acquisition or merger of one or more businesses. It represents one of the more extreme examples of change management as it affects everyone and everything in the business.

How We Can Help

Our approach emphasises the importance of early planning, thorough preparation of data and materials, and an effective communication strategy to ensure that you meet the goal of maximizing return to shareholders.

During detailed negotiations, and particularly during due diligence, there can be a frenzy of activity to provide data for analysis and in response to queries relevant to the transaction. For a seller, preparation of a structured and well-documented data archive is essential to conducting negotiations from a position of strength, while for a buyer transparency of information can be invaluable in raising confidence about the potential purchase.

If you are a seller, we can work with you to build and dynamically manage an effective data archive; if you are a buyer we can advise on the information that must be available and validated ahead of sale.

If required we will prepare a transaction services agreement and manage the whole business transition process for you, including appointment and management of specialist advisors on critical functions like HR and IT.