The Engine Room of Change

Leadership Development

We understand the importance of choosing the right people to work on projects and of motivating them to perform at the highest possible level, sometimes against very challenging deadlines. In a project environment highly specialist and talented individuals are frequently put into positions leading multifunctional teams of knowledgeable but diverse staff for the first time.

Within a strategic project leadership development can be particularly influential: there is the impact of a confident leader on the project itself and a feed in to succession planning. This is because a key project can act as a microcosm of the organisation of the future, providing the ideal breeding ground for strategic thinkers and corporate leaders of tomorrow.

How We Can Help

At Blakehead leadership development involves working with your people on a one-to-one basis using a combination of psychometric assessment, coaching and mentoring tactics as well as experiential learning. The objective is to help them to develop the skills they need to get the best out of their teams and deliver strong results within the project structure. Leadership can take many forms and we aim to discover the unique characteristics of each person and to build or reinforce a skills base to help inspire and challenge the team.