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Finished with downsizing? Time to rediscover your people

So, you've reduced your staff, looked at every chance to trim costs and you're breathing a cautious sigh of relief. But wait a minute. What about those left behind? The people you now depend on to get back to stability and growth. Sure, they still have jobs but they're going to feel bruised, even angry, and worried that it's their turn next. How do you take care of their real needs and not just give them platitudes?

The drive to be lean in an increasingly competitive marketplace often results in a good look at the organization chart. Businesses plan meticulously and spend a great deal of time deciding how best to get value from the salary budget and sometimes reluctantly have to decide to shed staff. Directors are often so relieved that the decisions have been made and sensitively carried out that they forget to consider how to motivate surviving staff, yet these key people often feel guilty, disaffected and confused by their employers' actions.

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