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Guerrilla tactics for novice project managers

You always have to start somewhere and project management is no different to anything else. The challenge for the novice project manager is that the learning curve can be steep and painful. In this article we bring together a few tips learned from many years of working in the cut & thrust world of delivering change that you probably won’t find in a text book or training course. There’s no simple formula to guarantee success, but we hope that it will help some of you out there to avoid the worst bear traps.
Tip #1
Identify the really influential people and work on the sceptics. All conventional organisations conform to a hierarchical structure, whereby power is a function of job title and position in the hierarchy. Projects however tend to play by different rules. Informal communication networks in the office, social groups outside of work and the existence of role models among peers can all have a significant effect on how a project progresses. Get the people most admired by those who will inherit the results of the project on your side and a pressure point immediately disappears. Similarly put some effort into turning around the sceptics. Our experience suggests that early sceptics often become some of the best ambassadors for the project if you can only convince them of its merit.
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